Uala - Investments

An exciting and challenging project I had the pleasure to work with Nicewach. We created a dreamy world, an animation ad for youtube and social media.

My roles ︎︎︎ Design / Illustration / VisDev

︎︎︎ 01 Character design

To get to the final result, we searched an extensive amount of characters, focusing on making them relatable and using colors that reflect the brand of UALA.

︎︎︎ Final version

︎︎︎ 02 Backgrounds

The backgrounds represent the transition from the earthly world to the digital world, where everything is possible, that's why I also included a dreamy reference.

︎︎︎ 03 Styleframes

As part of this project, there was a large emphasis on supporting the use of stories, since stories not only identify, but also activate our emotions.

︎︎︎ Process

︎︎︎ Credits

︎Directed by

Franco García Quevedo

︎ Illustration / Design
Leandro Chaman

︎ Art Direction
Leandro Chaman

︎2D Animation
Jordi Palazón
︎ Chaman™ 2024
 Barcelona, Spain