The Steve Fund Project

Story Studio
An exciting and challenging project I had the pleasure to work with.
The challenge was to approach the subject matter with the sensitivity it deserves.

My roles ︎︎︎ Illustration / VisDev

︎︎︎ 01 Character design proposals

︎︎︎ 02 Styleframes Test

︎︎︎ 03 Final Styleframes - Depression

︎︎︎ 04 Final Styleframes - Schizophrenia

︎︎︎ Credits

The Steve Fund

︎Creative Direction
Ary Silberstein

︎Production Company

Julia Francucci, Valentina Moreno

︎Desing & Animation Studio

︎ Art Direction
Ary Silberstein, Cintia López

︎ Illustration / Design
Cintia López, Leandro Chaman

︎Animation Direction
Ary Silberstein

︎2D Generalist
Fernanda Gomez A.

︎2D Animation
Leonardo F. Dias, Freddy Rojas Loaiza

︎ Chaman™ 2024
 Barcelona, Spain