Dream city life

The Others
An exciting and challenging project I had the pleasure to work with. We created a bold and fun style for a series of educational videos.

My roles ︎︎︎ Design / Illustration / VisDev

︎︎︎ 01 Character design

The characters are designed following a sense of community, inclusivity and diversity. Emphasizing the living conditions, trying to include everyone so everyone can feel represented.

︎︎︎ 02 Styleframes

The spot goal was to describe in a didactic way how to use energy efficiency, heat preservation and water conservation in a simple way to be more aware and take care of the world in which we live.

︎︎︎ 03 World building

The world in which these characters live is inspired by them to create formal coherence. They had to live in a “infographic” yet simple, and iconic world. Plants and flowers allowed us to demonstrate the coexistence of nature and technology, something we shouldn't have separated.

︎︎︎ Credits

︎Directed by
The Others

Daniela Lazara

︎ Illustration / Design
Leandro Chaman

︎ Art Direction
Leandro Chaman

︎2D Animation
Jordi Palazón
︎ Chaman™ 2024
 Barcelona, Spain